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This page describes which elements of your website are ours, yours or jointly owned.
Yes - it is your web site.
No - you do not have the copyright and ownership of everything designed and developed for your site.

If Myk registered your domain it should be in your name - this can be checked on the WHOIS server.
You may ask another ISP to pick up the domain and host it.
However you may NOT just copy the site to the new hosting service.

TEXT or PICTURES supplied by you
I assume you had the copyright to these items in the first place and you retain them although used on the site designed by me.

Where this has been supplied by you it remains your copyright.
What you get in addition to that is a royalty-free, licence-free right to display the web site in its entirety.
You also have our commitment that I will not change a few words and re-sell 'your' site to a competitor of yours.

Where provided by me - remain our copyright

The navigation designed and implemented by me remains my copyright.

I may have designed and implemented a database to operate your site, if this is the case the database is my copyright.

All PHP script is my copyright and is provided for use by you under a usage right only.

HTML and other scripting CODE
All HTML is my copyright and is provided for use by you under a usage right only.

I normally only provide the usage right while you are paying our fees.
I would provide the right FOC if we are unable or unwilling to support the site.
I would not provide the usage right because you no longer choose to pay our fees.
In the event that you wish to cease our hosting of your site, we will offer to sell you the 'in perpetuity right' to use my code on your site at the new host.
This right will not allow you to pass it on for use by a third party without further investment on your part.

I will not accept a restriction preventing us from using similar pieces of code or database design in other sites.
I work hard to separate it's appearance from other sites, but there will always be common bits of code.
This means your site was less expensive to develop.
Where we cooperated on a part of the site and it was not clearly your supply or our work we expect to share the copyright.