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My personal studio is now available for artists to get their work photographed inexpensively.
Next session
Wed 11th Dec 2019
sculptures by Jas Davidson - photography by Myk - MORE at the bottom of this page


your art work,

a suitable USB memory stick on which I can write the images, allow 100Mb per piece

cash to settle on the day - or pay by PayPal/creditcard/debit card when the pictures are done


for each piece of work:

      a high resolution cropped-to-shape image - suitable for printing up to 40" long - larger available at extra cost

      a medium sized image at good quality for most websites

      and an e-mail sized image


I am using a simple 2 light setup to take these pictures. If you bring a picture under glass, it will usually be OK.

If the work has a deep frame we may get shadows at each end of the image, at these prices that is what you get ! - the shadows can be cropped off if you wish.

This is an extreme case with a very deep frame ...

I can set up to do a museum grade image with the work out of its frame and time to balance the colours finely - but it costs more !
Qty £ea  
1 15.00  
2-5 10.00  
6-10 7.50  
10up 6.00  

Very large images or restorations quoted according to time estimated

If only one artist books then there is a setup up charge between £30-200, depending on shoot complexity.
Bookings should be made via my contact form if you do not already have my email address.
large freehand machine embroidery by Alison Holt - photography by Myk

the camera is 24.5 MegaPixel, 2:3 ratio frameshape, 6048x4096 pixels

images are taken in colour balanced studio lighting

normally in full colour (Adobe 1998) we can supply monochrome if you wish

hi-res images are at 300dpi in PSD or TIFF or JPG format

website images are 1000 pixels on the long side in JPG format (SRGB)

email images are less than 100kb in JPG format (SRGB)

I have every Nikon lens from 16mm (180deg) up to 600mm including 60,105 and 200mm in macro and the 135mm DC lens I also have a nikon macro bellows.

Please note that we expect you to be on time and to handle your own art work

We expect you to stay and approve the images as they are taken

We expect you to remove the art work when you leave

If we fail to provide a suitable image there is no charge, but you get no pictures !

The images are provided for your own promotion and where applicable we would like the BigLoaf credited with providing the image service


We expect you to make copies of the images taken, but we also keep a hi-res original here