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My personal studio is now available for hire to 3rd parties
Having seen how many tiny studios with limited facilities are now being offered for hire, I decided to add mine at StudiosForHire.com

The studio is used to photograph artworks and is well set up for that.


The space is a funny shape approximately rectangular with a car access door as it doubles as my garage.

The work area is 46ft x 16ft and the height on the left half is 8ft - this is where the lights are hung.

The right hand half has a ceiling height of 17ft and a 250kg hoist in the ceiling centre.

We have full black out with tight fitting shutters.


There are 3 Bron 3200J heads on pantographs from a low ceiling. A 4th head can be used on one of our many stands.
There is a metre square Bron Hazy soft light on a stand, all heads are triggered by infra red and driven by 2 large Bron flash boxes with all the features.

I have plenty of modifiers including Bron standards and stacks of self made jobbies.

There is a large collection of soft boxes.

We only stock black and white paper backgrounds but there is also faux black velvet.

There is a good collection of FOBA 'meccano' and loads of magic arms and super clamps.

You will find plenty of clamps and stands and bits of polystyrene for use as flags hidden away.

Chances are the studio is better equipped than you might expect


We have an acre of garden and LOADS of nooks and crannies to shoot outside.

This is my home and visitors are expected to treat it as such.
the 55 feet long garage which we use as a studio
some of the supports we have, also there is a FOBA set and a load of fixtures
there is a myriad of modifiers
we also have a boom stand
there are 3 Brons hanging, a projector flash and a spare bron to go on a stand for low level stuff
Hazy Light II - the best !