what I need  
   who owns   
  photo days  
   about me   
   pay bill   

from you to do a quote to start work to sort out eventually
  examples based on this site item needed
colours black background
white writing
grey buttons
button down indicated
I need a guidance about how the website is to use colour

This will be either a fuction of existing brand image from letterhead and business cards, or may be new for the site

There are lots of on-line colour suggestions
list of buttons "home, design, customers, what I need, prices, hosting, studio, photo days" some thought about how users will find their way around the website

pages page 4 / needs / etc. Your website will be designed as one or more pages. Each page needs a navigation short name,

a suggested list would be helpful

I need content to play with !
page content - text this font is the ugliest !

Comic Sans
There are really only 5 fonts which will always work everywhere, but depending on your expected visitor profile I can supply special fonts, a clear definition of requirement is needed
managed content image of editing tools

click image to enlarge in a new window
text and/or pictures

I normally provide pages which may be edited by the website owner

We need to discuss the extent of this editing

It can include tables of text and pictures which the owner uploads, but this requires some skill in the editing process