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from you to do a quote to start work to sort out eventually

This is the little version of your logo which may be seen on the address line of your browser

It has to be abbreviated because it is displayed at 16x16 pixels

I need your favicon in a high resolution image file - not printed
or I can make one from your logo
description "a list of specification parameters for a new website" Each page needs a relevant description
keywords "bigloaf, description, favicon, logo, myk, page title, title, website" Each page should have a set of up to 15 keywords
e-mail Once you have a domain name, you can ask for an email address at that domain

eg I have
managed content - text image of editing tools

click image to enlarge in a new window
I normally provide pages which may be edited by the website owner

We need to discuss the extent of this editing

It can include tables of text and pictures which the owner uploads, but this requires some skill in the editing process
page content - pictures Gallery pictures can be displayed at different sizes controlled by the visitor
managed content - pictures I have lots of sites with image uploading and automatic thumbnail making within the website

Pictures can be sized and captioned by the website owner

In addition to uploading images they can of course be removed by the owner

The design of the gallery and how pictures are displayed also needs input from you !
managed content - layout   Variable layout designs are more complex and therefore much more expensive, a detailed specification would be required to review if I can provide your need
managed content - login
You will need to suggest a username and password for the managed area
contact sample contact page Your address and telephone number should be available

You need to consider if you want all the contact stuff on one page or have it as an item on every page

I recommend that you use a contact form rather than publish your email address
Outgoing links are useful to you friends

I suggest you arrange reciprocal linking wherever possible

You may want to link to your FaceBook or Twitter accounts

I usually provide a link maker so you can maintain your own list
location "geo.region" content= "GB-SHR"
"geo.placename" content= "pant"
"geo.position" content= "52.792149;-3.073769"
I usually embed the geographical location of the website as this helps for local searchers